About us

Collaborative effort

The branding and promotion of fresh fruits and vegetables from Lebanon is hosted by the Ministry of Economy and Trade in collaboration with key partners that support the fruits and vegetables value chains. These include:

Chamber of commerce industry and agriculture zahle-Lebfresh
CCIA of Tripoli and North Lebanon-Lebfresh

Guidance by the Ministry of Economy and Trade

These partners’ branding and promotion activities are aligned through a national branding committee in which all partners participate and are chaired by the Ministry of Economy and Trade.


International support

The initiative is supported by the Centre for the promotion of imports from developing countries (CBI) from The Netherlands and builds upon the branding efforts that were implemented through the BIEEL programme by Fair Trade Lebanon. A programme supported by the Middle Eastern Partnership Initiative (MEPI).


Beyond fresh fruits and vegetables

The initial focus of the branding and promotion under the MEPI-supported programme was on agri-food. Through a collaborative effort, the branding and promotion has been extended to cover the fresh fruits and vegetables sector as well. The Taste our Land, Taste our heritage campaign as such now covers both the fresh and agri-food sectors.


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to promote fruits and vegetables from Lebanon to international markets