1. Q: Which fruits and vegetables are already exported to international markets?

A: Lebanon is well known for its quality products in and beyond the Middle East. As a result, many fruits and vegetables varieties find their way to markets in the Gulf region. Several products like table grapes, potatoes and avocadoes increasingly find their way to the European market.

2. Q: Are the fruits and vegetables from Lebanon produced responsibly?

A: Many farmers produce their fruits and vegetables organically and are also certified accordingly. Quite a large number of farms also provide employment to Syrian refugees. To demonstrate conformity with social standards, a number of farms are in the process of obtaining GlobalGAP GRASP or the SMETA audit.  

3. Q: Is it sustainable to ship goods from Lebanon?

A: The proximity to European and Gulf markets, makes Lebanon an interesting sustainable sourcing destination. Compared to suppliers from Latin America and Asia, the CO2 footprint from shipments of fresh produce from Lebanon is much smaller. The small-scale farming and job opportunities that are provided to Syrian refugees lead to direct social and economic impact at the farm household level and add to the sustainability scorecard. The sustainable sourcing with impact is only one of the reasons why you should choose importing from Lebanon. Read more here.

4. Q: Who can provide me with more information on importing from Lebanon?

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