Fresh Ingredients At The Heart of an Exquisite Lebanese Cuisine

January 30, 2023

Lebanon a unique terroir

Colorful tasty fruits and vegetables, aromatic spices and herbs, top-quality olive oil, a wide selection of grains and legumes, dried fruits and nuts, grounded seeds, only to name a few, all make for essential fresh ingredients that serve an exquisite culinary experience. Behind the secret winning recipe lies Lebanon unique terroir for exceptional raw materials and excellent produce. An exclusive climate, dotted with sun for the majority of the year, warrants rich and diverse flavors.

A land with heritage

The country has a long history of trade and cultural exchanges that has long influenced its cuisine. A cuisine known across the world for its culinary delights and rich flavors. A variety of cooking techniques from baking to grilling and stewing, together with small farmers and their heritage of farming practices grant the dishes a hallmark trait factor resulting in a diverse and heralded culinary landscape.

Uniqueness for the world to taste

Lebanese suppliers have the ability to offer fresh ingredients in alternative supply windows in comparison to European and Latin American countries.  Combined with a reduced carbon footprint through a relatively short shipping distance to Europe and a rising number of GlobalGap certified farmers, Lebanese fresh produce has never been closer and more ready for world recognition.

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Lebanese Freshness at Fruit Logistica 2024

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