Lebanese avocados make their way into international markets

December 22, 2022

Export of Lebanese avocados on the rise

The supply of avocados from Lebanon is increasing fast. During the last decade, the export of Lebanese avocados has increased eight times reaching an all-time high of 8,000 Tons in 2021.

The main markets are neighboring Arab countries. At the top of the list, Jordan was responsible for 40% of exports back in 2021, followed by Egypt and Iraq with respectively 22% and 21% of exports each. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar among other also figure on that list.


Entry into International markets like the EU

The strong demand for avocados in international markets also resulted in new markets opening up for Lebanese avocados in 2022. Especially in Europe, Lebanese avocadoes found their way to Spain and the Netherlands. Other new markets include Qatar and UAE.


Avocados export from Lebanon in 2021


The growth will continue

The fruit is gaining popularity for its nutritional properties and great taste, and it is expected that import volumes of avocados increase even further.

With a firm increase in area planted under avocado and the rising numbers of GlobalGAP certified farmers, an expansion of exports of avocados from Lebanon is very likely to take place in the next few years.

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