Lookout for Lebanese table grapes expanding into new international markets

January 16, 2023

Lebanese table grapes production expansion

With more than 15 varieties, and over 628,000 tons produced in 2021, Lebanese table grapes exports have grown steadily over the last decade. The main markets are neighboring Arab countries and the Gulf region, with UAE, Oman, and Kuwait leading the charts. In Europe, the United Kingdom is the main market, followed by The Netherlands.



Lebanese table grapes globally recognized

Everything seems to be working towards the expansion advantage for this precious fruit. A complementary export window from December to February in comparison to European countries such as Italy and Spain, the rising number of GlobalGap certified farmers, and together with a reduced shipping distance to European countries, all will likely ensure international recognition and further exposure for Lebanese table grapes.


More opportunities to come

Aware of the additional opportunities to be considered in Europe and the Gulf region, the Lebanese producers are pushing towards enhancing the harvesting and packaging techniques while shifting to provide consumers with favoured sought-after varieties of table grapes. Thus, ensuring import volumes of Lebanese table grapes increase even further.

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