Resilience leads the way for Lebanese producers into the European market

February 2, 2024

In the face of regional challenges, Lebanese fresh produce stands resilient, upholding its commitment to exceptional quality. This year, for the second time running, you can find a dedicated Lebanon pavilion at FruitLogistica, showcasing the vibrancy of Lebanon’s fruit and vegetable exports. Amidst the bustling market, our enthusiastic growers and exporters eagerly anticipate welcoming visitors and potential buyers.

While Europe boasts a robust fruit and vegetable sector, Lebanon emerges as a compelling alternative supplier for the European market. Despite imports from other Mediterranean countries like Morocco, Egypt, and Israel, and South American countries like Peru and Chile, Lebanon positions itself uniquely due to its exceptional product quality, geographical proximity, and distinct marketing window. Moreover, climate change is increasingly affecting supplies of traditional fresh produce powerhouses including Spain and Italy, driving the demand for fruits and vegetables from other countries. Grapes, avocados, and carrots stand out as prime examples of Lebanon’s export prowess.


Grapes: A unique window of opportunity

Lebanese grapes present an exceptional marketing window from October to December. With demand soaring in the last quarter of the year, Lebanese growers tap into the well-structured and ethical European market. The potential for growth, particularly with the Crimson seedless variety, is emphasized as well-received in the European market during the peak period.


Avocados: A thriving sector

Lebanon’s avocado cultivation has seen remarkable growth in the past decade, with many growers transitioning from citrus to capitalize on the fruit’s global popularity. Further expansion is predicted, positioning Lebanon as a potential avocado powerhouse in Europe. Despite European preferences for Hass, Lamb Hass gains ground, offering resilience in challenging years. With water availability not posing an issue in Lebanon, the time is ripe for the burgeoning avocado sector to explore European markets.


A rich diversity

Beyond grapes, avocados, and carrots, Lebanon boasts a rich array of export-worthy fruits and vegetables, including carrots, watermelons, citrus, stone fruit, cherries, apples, almonds, potatoes, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and greenhouse vegetables. Through our Lebfresh platforms, we will continue to illuminate Lebanon’s potential as a steady and quality-driven supplier in the European fresh produce market.


Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with our exhibitors at FruitLogistica Hall 22, D10, to discover the taste of Lebanon – where quality meets resilience.

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