“Maximize positive impact, from farm to table experience“

Meet Rudolph from Agreen Organics, who empowered and optimized farmers to produce top-quality products, and provided a seamless ‘from farm to table’ experience for customers.

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“Vision, commitment and great land“

When you dream, dream big! That’s what the family did when they decided to prepare the slopes of the hills in the Bekaa valley to cultivate table grapes and stone fruit. On one of the most beautiful locations in the Bekaa the family now has more than 100 ha of fertile land to produce and export high quality fruits. Here’s the story of Meheydin.

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“Mainstreaming organic farming“

What a wonderful vision, to mainstream organic farming in Lebanon. Now, brace yourself… Mario Massoud, who is at the helm of Lebanon’s leading organic farm Biomass, is rapidly making this a reality. And it doesn’t stop there. You will soon see the Biomass brand in supermarkets near you. Here’s Mario’s story.

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“The love for the land“

You don’t easily switch from a career in finance in North America to growing table grapes in Lebanon do you?
Well, that is exactly what Elie Haddad did. He found a new destiny, growing exceptionally sweet grapes in the extremely rich soil in the Bekaa. And with success! The love for the land combined with the right philosophy and technology always pays off. Here’s Elie’s story.

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