GlobalGAP certificate for suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables from Lebanon

Farmers Valley

At Farmers valley our mission is to provide our clients with a high-quality agricultural product that is fresh, flavorsome, and most of all healthy. We strive to provide the market with fresh, integrated grown table grapes that meet the requirements of the Lebanese and international markets. Products that we believe in, and consumers can trust.

Farmers Valley aims to be a leading producer, packer, and supplier of fresh and packed table grapes and table grapes by-products within the Lebanese market and the MENA region.

Farmers Valley uses scientific and evidence-based farming techniques to grow a variety of seeded and seedless varieties of table grapes. The company, builds on tried and tested international approaches in tilling, planting, pruning, and harvesting that aim to maximize each vine’s output while maintaining the quality of the grapes produced. We are thus able to provide a variety of table grapes with different colors as well as different maturity times through the harvest season.

Farmers Valley also operates a packaging facility located on its farm-lands. This allows the company control over the packaging process. We package our table grapes in high quality cardboard packaging intended to preserve the freshness of our products during post-harvest refrigeration and transportation.

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GlobalGAP certificate for suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables from Lebanon

Product Range

  • Arra 15
  • Arra 32
  • White Long Seedless
  • Red Seedless
  • Beitamouni
  • Red Globe
  • Crimson

Elie Haddad

You don’t easily switch from a career in finance in North America to growing table grapes in Lebanon do you?
Well, that is exactly what Elie Haddad did. He found a new destiny, growing exceptionally sweet grapes in the extremely rich soil in the Bekaa. And with success! The love for the land combined with the right philosophy and technology always pays off. Here’s Elie’s story.

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Farmers Valley Building, Kfarzabad, Zahle - Bekaa 1801

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Elie Haddad

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